Best New Show in April?

Is My Hero Academia the next big anime series?Quirks_slider


Boku no Hero Academia is the 1st big new anime to come onto the scene this spring. It’s been hyped up a lot and for good reason too. The manga is great and it’s still ongoing

An original plot and a vibrant art style and intricate character relationships really give me hope that it could be the next one, since the Naruto manga just ended people in search of a new show could find this show to be very entertaining.

The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a very plain looking boy who wants nothing more to be like the number one hero, All Might. But Midoriya was born without a quirk ,( powers that people have at birth and then manifest at a young age ) But one day, All Might witnesses Midoriya attempt to save his friends life, despite not having a power. Long story short, All Might gives Midoriya some of his quirk through DNA and begins to nurture him into his successor. I compare it to Naruto because it has that same zero-to-hero vibe, which I am a huge fan of. Even though there are only 13 episodes confirmed, with the cult following that this anime/manga has I’m sure a second season is already in the works.


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