Top 5 Shooters of ALL TIME!


Shooting has evolved from a gimmick into one of the most deadly abilities a player can have on a basketball court. Here are my 5 players who took shooting to another level.

5.Peja Stojakovic


NBA aficionados everywhere used to tell a story about watching Stojakovic practice his shot. They would say said that he would routinely make 30 or 40 3-pointers in a row, and then when he finally missed one, he stared at the rim for a second as if he was thinking, “Who turned on the AC while I shot that ball?” What a shooter. He averaged 40 percent from 3 and 90 percent from the line over his career and was the consummate consistent shooter.


  1. Reggie Miller


Arguably the single most dangerous player in crunch time in NBA history, Reggie Miller is the only person on this list who carried not only a team, but an entire franchise for the better part of a decade. On a small market Indiana Pacers basketball team, the skinny 6’7” Reggie Miller set this team on his not-so-broad shoulders and almost carried them to the promise land on more than one occasion.


  1. Ray Allen


It was hard to decide if Reggie or Ray should be in this spot, but ultimately, the all-time leader in 3 point field goals, Jesus Shuttlesworth himself won out! Ray Allen is another one those players who during the 4th quarter, took it to another level. I know most of us remember his big 3 in the finals game a few years back. To me, Allen took what Reggie Miller was doing and kind of took it to another level in terms athleticism and form.


  1. Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

Stephen Curry has evolved the process of shooting into a legit art form. His commercial with Jamie Foxx said it best, “Big ain’t so big no more”. Shooting has become the great equalizer because of the absolute precision in which Stephen shoots the ball.Stephen Curry has turned shooting into the new dunking, making a big shot in someone’s face is the new posterizer. He has been one of the kings of the 3 point line for the last few seasons and has DOMINATED the game of basketball in terms of shooting like no one has ever before (besides my number 1).


  1. Larry Bird


In 1979, (Bird’s Rookie Season) the 3-point line was seen as a gimmick by players in that era, but for a young Bird, he saw this as a golden opportunity. He turned the 3 point line from a joke into a legitimate weapon that would revolutionize the way the game of basketball was played. Bird would proceed to dominate the league with this weapon for years to come winning multiple 3 point contests and championships thanks to the 3 point line. Bird would influence the way basketball was played, coached, and perceived for years to come.


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